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An introduction to our dances

Step sheets can be very difficult to follow but may help if you want to practice at home. 
You can find them from the following sources:

www.bigdavegastap.com    (free site)
www.linedancermagazine.co.uk   (requires subscription)
www.kickit.to   (free site for older dances, subscription required for new releases)

The latest thing at the moment is www.youtube.com here you’ll find dance videos, giving you the chance to see the dance and here the music.  Simply type in the name of the dance and the word “Line Dance”.  Not all dances are on there but the more recently choreographed dances are being added all the time, or see our watch & learn page.

Kids Session

Beginner Sessions

Improver / Intermediate Sessions

New Dances Taught Weekly


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