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Corporate Team Building

Organisations look for team activities for a range of reasons. Sometimes just for a fun get together or reward, to build a bond or to attempt to breakdown barriers between other teams, work colleagues, supervisors or managers. This type of activity differs from other kinds of team Building: It's indoor, it's flexible, every age group and abililty can do it and it can be done at, your own venue or one of our regular local class venues.

Not only does it help workplace performance, it's holistic in nature. Participants can develop further skill, self esteem and confidence by continuing dancing as a social activity.

  • This unique activity is a great icebreaker
  • We can motivate your team
  • Revitalise your staff
  • Develop and encourage cooperation
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Non competitive, so that all levels can join in
  • No age barrier
  • A fun session that brings back a smile to their faces

Whether itís a small group of 8 corporate clients or a large group of 150, we can accommodate your request. 

Your day can take on many different aspects and can be tailored completely to your needs.  For further information and prices on this type of event please contact us.




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