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Hi, Sarah here, I'll start at the beginning. In approximately 1992 when my Mum and Dad (Sue & Bernard) started to go linedancing I thought they were SAD, and I made my Dad hide his cowboy hat until he got out of the street we lived in, just in case any of my friends saw him. I never entertained the idea of going with them. 

Around 5 years later when I'd grown up a little (yeah only a little, lol), for something to do I went along to Bidds Country Music Club with them.  Since that day I've been hooked!.  I couldn't believe the difference in age groups that could all dance together to all types of music.  I thought it would all be "Twangy Music" (old country) but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked new country music and could dance to pop music as well.  I also thought that it would all be thigh slapping and again was surprised with the variation of dance.  

We now hold three classes a week at Chesterton, Stoke and Newcastle under Lyme,   It's great to see that there's still NEW interest in linedancing, a few years ago everyone said that it was just a fad that would soon fade out, but as yet its still growing and ever more popular.  

 I do have a lot to thank linedancing for, as well as making lots of new friends, it's also given me the opportunity to spend a lot of time in a social way with my Mum and Dad which I never would have done otherwise.  I really got to know them as friends as well as parents which most children never get to do.  I recommend linedancing to everyone, not to promote my classes but to make people aware of how big a scene it really is, and how much fun you can have, not only with people of your own age but all age groups.

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